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With so much going on in life it is hard to find time to make quality meals for each day of the week. Sky solves this problem and then some. The meals are so easy and delicious. And the best part? The macros are on the side of the box... Mind Blown.
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/  Zachary hamilton | crossfit bangor/

Sky’s Cafe provides me with excellent quality meals with fresh local ingredients. It takes the guess work out of meal planning. 

/  tiffany surette | crossfit bangor /

You may think that eating healthier can’t taste good but that is only because you haven’t fueled up with Sky’s Cafe where the only thing greater than the food is their passion for designing every dish
— John Condon
I travel frequently and have a hard time keeping the fridge stocked with fresh local ingredients, let alone finding the time to cook or meal prep. Eating healthy, local, well portioned meals (that also taste great and come fully prepared!) isn’t a problem anymore since Sky does it all for me! And her nut butter is SO good. ~ NELLE, Freeport, Maine
As a mom and a fitness professional I want meals for my family that are healthy, well thought out, delicious and made from high quality ingredients... and sometimes I don’t want to be the one who has to make it! Sky’s Cafe is my savior come the end of the week when I don’t have the energy to think of and make a meal or when I am just busy and on the go. Her food is so good even my 18month old can’t get enough (we might occasionally fight over the waffles and peanut butter though)! On top of that, when I eat from Sky’s cafe I know that I am eating locally sourced food and supporting local farms and small businesses. I am even eating out of an environmentally conscious container. She has literally thought of everything! ~BROOKE, Saco, Maine