The basil dressing is where it all began for Sky. Back in New Jersey, where the small business started, she was making the dressing for a small group of friends. The dressing was a huge hit, so huge that her friends told her that she should start selling it. She has come a long way since then and the basil dressing has been there every step of the way. 

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Sky's Basil Dressing | $8

Basil based, non-dairy, gluten free. Goes well with salads, as a dip or even a marinade. Make sure to try each flavor: Dill, cilantro, mint, and JALAPEÑO/basil.


All of the food from Sky’s Cafe is amaze balls but warning everyone now... Once you have the basil dressing you are going to be hooked.
— Kelsey

The signature Basil Dressing though! I’ve never eaten a salad so Fast. So delicious, fresh, flavorful and perfectly complements fresh veggies! Will be purchasing more ASAP
— Abby
The dressing adds that extra flavor you are looking for to make an amazing salad or to compliment any meat! It will leave you craving its flavor on everything you eat. It really is amazing!
— Jessica P
The signature basil dressing at Sky’s Cafe is amazing! It is the only way my boyfriend will eat raw vegetables! Its packed with flavor and no unhealthy fillers. Just the freshest tasting dressing I have ever had!
— Kristen
Is it wrong to eat salad dressing by the spoonful?
— Meneah
There is two things you need to know about Sky’s Cafe’s signature basil dressing. One, its delicious! Two, you can dress anything with it, salad, pizza, pasta, mix it in scrambled eggs. The possibilities are endless. With Sky’s Cafe’s signature basil dressing I can add signature flavor to any dish!
— Emily L